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Child Privacy Policy

A word about sponsorship and child privacy and protection:

Sponsorship is a long-term commitment to provide monthly financial support for the care of a child of Cosette’s Hope Children’s Home (CHCH).  We are committed not only to protecting our children’s physical well-being but their privacy and dignity as well. As you join with us in providing financial care for these children, please note the following requirements for all sponsors:

  1. Sponsors understand that all information, including bios, photos, letters and any other information regarding a sponsored child, is for the benefit of the sponsor only and is not to be reproduced, shared or published through any medium (this includes Facebook, websites, blogs, etc.)
  2. Sponsors understand that all correspondence with the children will be screened by the directors of Cosette’s Hope Children’s Home (CHCH) and communicated accordingly. This includes mail, email, gifts, etc.
  3. Sponsors agree that they will not attempt to make personal contact with the children or visit Cosette’s Hope Children’s Home without prior written consent from a director of Cambodian Outreach Project and an accompaniment by one of the directors of Cosette’s Hope Children’s Home (CHCH).

These policies are meant to protect the privacy and dignity of the children of CHCH, as well as our agreements with the government of the country of Cambodia.  Please respectfully abide by these requirements for the protection of all persons involved. (Return to Sponsor A Child Page)