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“Mikah’s Jar” ~ Mikah’s Medical Fund



When baby Mikah was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, we suddenly understood his developmental delays, seizures, and weakness.   We also knew that Mikah would require a lifetime of medical care, including unusual medical expenses, but we believe that the Lord will provide.

A few months ago, our daughter grabbed a one-gallon pickle jar, punched a slot in the lid, and pasted a label on the front: “The Mikah Fund”.  She began dropping spare change into the jar, and encouraged others to do the same.  A few neighborhood children joined in, as well as her cousin and a friend.  Our daughter has collected over $120.00, and we now invite you to participate in this simple way of helping us offset medical costs for Mikah and the children of CHCH.

This would be a great giving opportunity for a Sunday school class, an Awana club or family to participate in together…and getting started is easy!

1. GRAB a Jar (or a basket or a box) and label it (encourage children to decorate the jar if they wish).  You may wish to have a “community jar” or have each participant keep their own jar.

2. Set a GOAL.  Do you want to collect change for a determined length of time? Until you’ve reached a predetermined dollar amount? Until the container is full?

3. GIVE.  Start filling your jar!  Meet your goal, then send in your donation!

Funds will assist in providing ongoing and emergency medical care for Mikah and the children of CHCH.   Thank you for participating in this simple but impactful little project.

The widow’s seemingly “small” contribution is acknowledged by the Lord Jesus as a “great big” sacrificial gift worthy of all remembrance in the eternal Word of God. (Mark 12:42; Luke 21:2)

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

When you are ready to send in your “Mikah’s Jar” donation please mail to:

Cambodian Outreach Project
PO Box 2475
Longmont, CO 80502
(Include a note with your donation: “Mikah’s Medical Fund“)